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Splint Greenland Paddle carbon two-part 215, 220, 225.

Greenland paddle designed by Björn Thomasson from Sweden.

The Splint Greenland Paddle is a light, beautiful and strong paddle that gives a fantastic feeling in your hands from day one. It’s a paddle that is great to row with, and it doesn’t give the same strain on the shoulders, arms and wrists as ordinary paddles sometimes do.

It’s made of very high-quality carbon with high stiffness and a very nice finish in the joints. It’s a paddle for those who only want the best.

We only sell Greenland paddles with extra strong quality reinforcement in the blade.

Some people think that you can only row a kayak with a Greenland paddle. But it has dawned on many that it gives a minimal load on the rower and is therefore suitable for longer trips at a medium pace. The Greenland Paddle has a long narrow blade that provides low wind resistance and a low rowing style. This paddle is a good choice for longer trips and girls and older rowers, as this paddle and rowing style does not put as much strain on the joints.

Carbon paddles are considered the very best of paddles. You get a stiff and light paddle that provides a very optimal power transfer and which is very light when you are out on long trips.

We don’t sell thin-bladed carbon paddles, but only carbon paddles of strong quality.

A free bag for the paddle is included.

Material full Carbon.
Weight 680 g
Blade width 8 cm
Blade length 83 cm.


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