Sea kayak splint sea play 535 orange-black fiberglass

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Sea kayak from the Danish company Splint Kajak Design has developed the kayak in collaboration with one of the world's best kayak designers, Swedish Björn Thomasson.

Splint kayak

We believe that one of the world's best sea kayaks has been developed in terms of price, quality and design.

The kayak has a very low weight without compromising quality, and it was developed for the European market.

The kayak is made of an elite fibreglass construction with a carbon-reinforced bottom, which gives the bottom shape an increased stiffness and strength and a faster and better glide through the water.

The kayak has an ergonomically-moulded seat and backrest that is moulded into one piece, two large cargo holds for larger bags, a small day hatch at the front of the cockpit and one on the aft deck behind the cockpit, which can hold your mobile phone, camera, etc.

The sea kayak has excellent stability and is easy to edge. It is very suitable for kayakers from both level EPP2 and very experienced kayakers.

The kayak has a V-shaped bottom with jumps, which makes the kayak very manoeuvrable and provides good stability even in waves. The kayak has swords that can be raised and lowered from the cockpit.

Splint kayak seat

Seat with backrest

The seat and backrest are moulded in one piece and seal the kayak entirely on the inside. This provides great seating comfort and good contact with the kayak. The kayak responds precisely and quickly to all manoeuvres, as the seat and backrest are moulded together with the kayak. It also makes the kayak easy to empty for self-rescue, as the water does not run down behind the seat.

Splint kayak cockpit

Cockpit in the kayak

The kayak has a cockpit with plenty of space and long padded thigh supports, which means exceptional contact with the top of the kayak. Together with the moulded-in ergonomic seat and backrest, you have optimal control of the kayak.

The fully-moulded ergonomic seat with backrest and the long thigh supports make the kayak a good play kayak for rolling and playing on the water. At the same time, you get an incredible seating comfort that makes the kayak suitable for longer trips.

The cockpit comfort allows you to sit with slightly bent knees, so you straighten your back and use the large back muscles when you are out rowing. It provides a good resting style where you use your muscles optimally. It also makes the kayak perfect for exercise trips.

It is easy to change the sitting position for longer trips, as the footrest is easily adjusted when sitting in the kayak. It also provides good blood circulation in the legs.

Foam is included for the moulded hole in the backrest and upholstery for the seat.

Splint kayak fiberglas

Fibreglass material

The sea kayak is made in a vacuum-moulded sandwich construction with a carbon-reinforced fibreglass bottom. Fibre material of the best quality has been used.

Vacuum casting is the best way to produce fibre kayaks. This makes the kayak lighter and much stronger than the regular fibreglass kayak, as you get all the excess material pulled out of the kayak by the vacuum casting. It becomes more lightweight, and it hardens better, which gives it a stronger construction.

The sandwich construction is made with an intermediate layer of fibre. It is fuller and has a very low content of resin. It’s stronger fibres but lighter, so you get a thicker, studier, and lighter construction.

The gel-coat colour used has an increased UV resistance.

Splint kayaks have rigidity and strength in the fibreglass construction on a par with the best kayaks on the market, as we always use the best fibre materials that can be obtained.

We can sell the kayak by direct sale from our own production.


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