Kayak paddles

Splint designed paddles with advice from some of the best sea kayakers and paddle designers.

Greenland paddle is designed by Björn Thomasson Design

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Splint carbon paddles are the highest quality; only the best materials are used to achieve a great rigidity and a very low weight. All joints are high quality too, with an incredibly beautiful finish.

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Choice of paddle (in general)
Paddles come in different lengths and have different surface areas on the blades. This area can be distributed differently, depending on whether the blades are short and wide, or long and narrow. As a general rule, the greater the effect and response you want to get in your stroke, the greater the area and width the paddle blade should have, whilst the trend goes in the opposite direction if you have to paddle over longer distances.

The paddles are divided into four main categories to clarify the differences in design and function. You can also get paddles that are a combination of the different models. Some paddles are also available with a bent shaft that is designed to enable your wrists to stay in a neutral position as much as possible when you paddle. For more security, don’t forget your paddle line.

‘Feathered’ and ‘unfeathered’ ​​paddles.
The terms ‘feathered paddle’ ​​and ‘unfeathered ​​paddle’ are ways to describe how much the blades are angled relative to each other. At 0⁰, the blades are directly opposite each other. At a feathered angle of 65⁰, one blade is angled 65⁰ relative to the other. There are both right and left-feathered angles available, depending on whether you are right or lefthanded.

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