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Splint kayak trolley in stainless steel with puncture-free wheels.

Danish-designed, top-quality kayak trolley, produced in Denmark.

The kayak trolley is made of stainless steel 316, which is the best achievable quality.

The kayak trolley is easy to mount on the kayak without straps, and it does not collapse while driving.

It is a high-quality kayak trolley in stainless steel, which is saltwater resistant and has powerful puncture-free wheels. The kayak trolley can be mounted out in the water, so you avoid lifting the kayak. The kayak trolley has wide wheels that can handle difficult terrain and soft sand.

We recommend the Splint kayak trolley if you want a stable kayak troley that can handle the trip to the water without problems, even if there is uneven terrain.

The large height of the cart makes it easy to walk with the kayak since you can also walk upright with the kayak in hilly terrain, and you do not hit the road with the bottom of the kayak. We recommend this cart if you want to walk far with the kayak (over 100 m).

The splinter kayak trolley measures a total of H 70 x W 68 cm and weighs 3 kg. Puncture-free wheels 250 x 80 mm. Load capacity 80 kg. (Size without wheels H 58 x W 68 cm)

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